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Excavation is an extremely important part of construction and maintenance. It can essentially be defined as the process by which soil, earth or any part material that the ground is composed of is removed from a certain area creating a hole, crater or other empty space. It is very common for excavation to be conducted when building a home or when adding to certain aspects of the home, and it is considered by many to be the fundamental aspect of construction. It is extremely important in the sense that without it most homes would not be built to last as long as they currently do.

Construction usually starts with excavation because the foundation needs to be laid and this foundation is usually laid underground so that the ground can give the home some additional support and can allow the home to remain stable and sturdy. This particularly important in areas that are prone to earthquakes, because these areas would require a great deal of inspection and maintenance in order ensure that any homes built here would be safe from an earthquake if it ever occurs. Excavation allows the builders that are constructing the home to create a foundation or base that is as strong as it can possibly be, ensuring the safety of the home in every single way.

Excavation is also extremely important where plumbing is concerned. Pipes can obviously not be connected directly to the sewage system from above ground for a number of reasons. The first of these reasons is that such a system would be quite unsightly and would detract significantly from the aesthetic appeal of the home in question. Additionally, it would end up causing a host of other problems as well, all of which have to do with health and safety. If sewage starts to leak out of the plumbing and the pipes are above ground then people would be subjected to the numerous health hazards that this would pose. However, if the pipes are underground and were put into place when excavation was being conducted then this sewage would leak into a drain field and this would allow it to be disposed of in a manner that would keep the people living in the area safe from the countless bacteria and germs that would spread from this leaking sewage as well as the various health issues and diseases that would emerge as a result of being faced with these bacteria and microbes.

Excavation would probably be required in large scale maintenance jobs as well. If your home needs a great deal of maintenance, such as if your home has been built on ground that is not all that stable, contractors would need to excavate the foundation of your home in order to fix the problem and ensure that it does not devolve into a more serious issue that could result in safety issues for you and your family. Excavation is not just important in such situations, it is absolutely necessary in order to preserve the integrity of your home.
You will also need to get excavation done if you are making renovations or if you are improving your home by adding certain features. One situation where excavation is particularly important is if you are adding a pool. The pool will obviously need to be deeper than the ground around it so that the water has some place to go. This deep well that must be created will be created through excavation. This is the very first step of creating a pool, after which the crater or hole that has been dug will be paved and tiled so that it looks aesthetically pleasing.
Excavation is the first part of the process whereby a basement is added as well. This is very important because a lot of people that wish to extend their homes and get more space choose to do so underground so that they have more space inside the home without having to sacrifice their gardens or lawns. In such extension projects, excavation will have to be performed in order to empty out the space that will be used to create the basement extension.

When plumbing in the wall is faulty or requires some form of repair, the wall might have to be broken into, in which case excavation will be performed. Even though it is a wall that is being dug into and not the ground, this is referred to as excavation as well and is equally important because it allows one to ensure that their plumbing works as perfectly as possible.
One of the most important situations where excavation can become necessary is in the construction of a septic tank. A septic tank is essentially a localized sewage disposal and treatment facility that is used in areas and communities that do not fall under the restriction of a municipality or local government, and so do not have the same level of access to traditional sewers and sewage systems that people in more urbanized locales might possess.

Septic tanks require a fair bit of excavation, and the excavation that is required is certainly not standard excavation by any means. The excavation that is required is more specialized because the ground will have to be excavated in such a way that the soil is not disturbed and remains fairly packed. This is because septic tanks are built on top of patches of land called drain fields. These drain fields are what the waste is leached into after it has been filtered and sanitized. In order to maintain the integrity of these drain fields, which is very important because not doing so could result in a host of problems such as damage caused to the environment as well as to the health of the people that are living in the community that this septic tank serves.
All in all, excavation is essential to the construction and maintenance of the home, and if a trained professional is hired it can be done efficiently and effectively.